How can I earn $100 a day by reading on phone ?

How can I earn $100 a day by reading on the phone
Saad Alsabr

There are different ways to earn money on the Internet, there isprofit through mini-services, marketing, or even via YouTube and others

All of them require efforts and time to get a decent amount. Today, we will leave you an easy way to earn money very easily by reading the words or in the article, and I will show you a way to collect 300$ per day from reading the words only and with proof, and our site is 100% free, you do not need To pay one time and the most beautiful thing is that it accepts all Arab countries and all countries of the world

So you can download from your phone or from your laptop.

In short, I will show you how to make money from your voice and get the profits that can be collected through this short reading time represented in:

It is paid through this site. You can read the words from 0 minutes to five minutes, which is equivalent to 750 words or less, and all this for $100. Do not be surprised by that. The site pays generously, and if you can work from 40 to 60 minutes

That is, after an hour of work, you will be able to read from 6000 words to 9000 words, which is equivalent to 1000 US dollars. This site is supported by many international companies as a company. 

Microsoft, Discovery and other companies, and this is what makes it an honest site and there is no need to worry about working with this heading to the login option and then you fill in the complete information in the profile and put your photos and with some important personal information.

The question that the majority is asking now is, or how to win through this site. All you have to do is read the words that are given to you by the site, and you will be paid for reading the words.

Let's take a look at some of the services available on this site, which are actually estimated at 200. What you can do in this is to note the prices, for example, this person pays you from 100 to 249 dollars for voiceover and reading his words. You can also search for many Services and on this site the list is very long. 

You can also search through the filter or filter feature and choose the appropriate offers for you that you can present according to your choice, then choose the appropriate offer by pressing the plus (+) button on the right of the show and you will see statistics such as the number of people who have voiced comment

And note that there is a show between 100 and 249$ for one minute and 38 seconds only, meaning you will not lose anything for a minute and 38 seconds. You can win between 100 and 249 dollars easily and choose from offers that do not contain the entire American language (meaning North or South) Because they only accept the people who live there, the question you might be asking now is about what you should have to provide the service. 

Inevitably, you must have a microphone, and if your phone records well, you can use it, and it is stipulated that there should not be any noise when recording, meaning that the recording must be output with high accuracy.

The site provides you with its own application, and in this application you can work on your phone as well, methods of withdrawing profits as usual via Paypal and this is done within a day by going to the option of all payments.

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Download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store  

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